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Ag/Pd Powders
Cermet has the capability of producing coprecipitated silver palladium powders in any desired alloy ratio from 100% Ag to 100% Pd and in a wide range of surface areas. These powders are produced by using Cermet's proprietary chemical precipitation techniques and yield spherical, monosized, highly dispersed powders. By carefully controlling our processes, Cermet can produce these powders as:
  • Solid solution alloys
  • Physical mixtures
  • Layered (Ag core, Pd shell)
  • Oxidation Resistant
  • Controlled Sintering
  • Controlled Wetting Characteristics
Powders can also be manufactured in a wide variety of particle sizes, surface areas and tap densities.
Normal practice at Cermet is to produce highly alloyed powders in typical lot sizes of up to 2000 troy ounces (60 Kg) per production batch.
As the trend towards lower Pd content Ag/Pd alloys in MLCC inner electrodes continues, Cermet has found that true alloy powders with Ag contents in excess of 90% do not disperse as easily as their higher Pd content counterparts. In response to customer needs, Cermet manufactures the FG, A, and PA Series AgPd powders.
The FG series powders offer many of the characteristics of the higher Pd content powders in that the FG materials have a Pd rich exterior.
The A series powders are coated during processing. They will mill into extremely smooth, high quality inks with a minimum of effort.
The PA series powders are pre-milled and coated. These are the ultimate materials for ease of milling into smooth electrode inks.
All versions of these powders can be manufactured with organic or inorganic coatings to control dispersion, oxidation behavior, sintering, and metal-dielectric interfacial properties.
Please click on the below items in blue to see powder specifications and data. If you do not see what you want, contact us.
We welcome the opportunity to develop electronic powders customized to your unique application.

99% Ag / 1% Pd

7107FG Series

98% Ag / 2% Pd

97% Ag / 3% Pd

7104FG Series


95% Ag / 5% Pd

90% Ag / 10% Pd

85% Ag / 15% Pd

80% Ag / 20% Pd

65% Ag / 35% Pd

60% Ag / 40% Pd

50% Ag / 50% Pd

47% Ag / 53% Pd

44% Ag / 56% Pd

40% Ag / 60%Pd

35% Ag / 65% Pd

30% Ag / 70%Pd

25% Ag / 75% Pd

20% Ag / 80%Pd

10% Ag / 90% Pd

75% Ag / 25% Pd

70% Ag / 30% Pd

7108FG Series









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