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Located at 6 Meco Circle, Wilmington, DE USA


Company Background


Cermet Materials, Inc. is a high technology electronic materials development and manufacturing company with headquarters in Delaware, U.S.A. We started our business in 1985 to develop, manufacture and sell electronic powders and pastes to the passive electronic components industry. Since its inception, Cermet has grown to become a major supplier of these materials serving customers throughout the world with sales and applications support in the U.S., Asia and Europe.


To achieve its leadership position, Cermet has followed simple rules:

  • We hire only the most highly qualified people. This practice has led to the innovative products described in this catalog and to our excellent reputation for technical service and applications support.

  • Our Production people are considered to be the backbone of Cermet and are extremely proud of the quality of their work, their record for on-time delivery, their consistent high quality and their commitment to continuous improvement.

  • Our goal is to stay focused. Our business is to supply the electronics industry with conductive materials.

  • Finally, our goal at Cermet - whether in technology, technical service, manufacturing consistency or on-time delivery - is very simple: we want to be recognized as the best!


Because of the wide variety of manufacturing practices used in the electronics industry, no one material works best in all applications. Cermet will work closely and confidentially with its customers to provide the best combination of performance and economy for each application.


We welcome the opportunity to develop customized products for our customers' unique applications.



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