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Ag/Pd Pastes:


Cermet has been making pastes for over 30 years in both large (>100 kg) and small batch sizes. We have the capability of producing screen-printing or dipping pastes of 100% Ag, 100% Pd or Ag/Pd co-precipitates (any Ag/Pd ratio). Cermet has numerous standard formulations specifically formulated and processed to control:
  • Tackiness
  • Drying rate
  • Line definition
  • Green tape compatibility
  • Agglomerates (especially imp. for thin substrates)
  • Viscosity characteristics
  • FOG (typically 1-3 microns)
  • REACH and RoHS compliance
In green tape appliations, Cermet has developed special technologies to match metal shrinkage during firing to the shrinkage characteristics of the ceramic tape. This type of shrinkage control greatly decreases delamination problems. A typical example of shrinkage control for ceramic capacitor tape is shown in the graphs below:


Before Shrinkage Control Matching

(click to enlarge)

After Shrinkage Control Matching

(click to enlarge)

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